Friday, August 13, 2010

My first post

Hi, my name is Christie. I am doing this blog for my comp II class. Well this is my first post so hope I do this right. My thesis and/or paper is going to be about rehab for drug addicts. I have seen so many times that rehab does not work unless the person really wants to get better. Drug addiction is a everyday fight. So how did I do?

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  1. Hello Christie,

    I think your paper will be very interesting. Drug addiction is something that so many people fight everyday and it is definitely hard to rehabilitate ones self unless they really want to do it. Many drug addicts may say that they want to get better however many times this is just to get the person listening to leave them alone. I also know however that their are also those out their that sincerely do want the help but it is hard and they have to have the self dicipline and the willpower to do it.

    I hope you enjoy researching this and am sure it will be a great paper. Good luck!